Limo Rental FAQ

Below is a compilation of limo rental FAQ so that you have a good understanding of what to expect when you rent a limousine to transport you and your party to a function or event. It's hard to think of every detail when you are researching to determine which company offers the best service and best rates, but there are many things you likely want to know. The information below will be of great value to you.

Q. When does the billing for the limo rental begin to accrue, and when does it end?

Typically, billing begins at time of pick up and ends when the final drop-off or stop is made. Some companies charge for driving time, so ask these questions prior to renting the limo. If you put down a deposit, it will be subtracted from your total bill. The balance may then be paid to the driver or charged to your credit card unless prior arrangements have been made.

Q. Are there any items I need to bring, and what is provided by the limo rental company?

Many rental services provide CD and video players, televisions and other amenities. Some companies have a collection of CD's, some even have video games. You may want to bring your own CD's. If you are 21 or over and intend to drink alcohol, some limo services provide champagne or other beverages while others do not, meaning you will need to bring your own. Ask the company about these things so that you know what you may need to bring.

Q. What if we have exceeded our reservation time but want more?

For most limo rental companies this is no problem. As long as the limo you have rented is not reserved immediately following your reservation or it is the last rental of the day, it is likely you can continue the party. Ask your chauffeur if you can extend your rental time; he/she will know if there is another party waiting.

Q. Is there a minimum time requirement as far as rental?

Many companies require you to rent a limo for a minimum of 2 to 3 hours, depending upon whether you intend to rent during the week or on the weekend. As the company what their requirements are when you call.

Q. Can I make a request to my chauffeur during our reservation time?

Most companies offer intercom systems in their limousines so that you can communicate with the driver during your trip. Some chauffeurs also carry cell phones so that you can call and inform the driver of additional pick-ups or other instructions during your rental time.

Q. What about a tip - is it added in the bill?

In many cases, the limo rental company adds a 20% gratuity in to the total charges, but this may vary. Some companies base the gratuity on the total price of the trip and charge it to the deposit. Gratuities are handled in a different manner with some companies, so be sure to ask.

You may also want to know who is responsible if someone in your party causes damage to the limo, whether smoking is permitted or whether alcohol is allowed for those aged 21 or older, as some companies do not permit alcohol. For any questions not listed on the limo rental FAQ list, simply ask the service when you call.